Sedona Private Retreats

Sedona Desert Cactus


Private retreats offer a time away, a time to focus on the self and be refreshed, renewed and revitalized.   During your retreat, you choose from a menu of services you feel will be most beneficial for you.

Retreats can be structured for 2 or 3 days, upon request.   What follows is an example of services you might include in your retreat.   We are happy to recommend specific services that might benefit you.  We offer a free consultation to all our clients prior to their arrival.  This helps us refine our recommendations and offerings.




ONE DAY RETREAT – 8 Hours – Includes Lunch

Retreats can include:

Energy – Chakra – Balancing and Healing

Choose any four  of these services to include for your retreat:

Intuitive Reading

Past Life Regression

Medium – Talking to the Dead

Spiritual Archaeology Basics

Develop your Intuition

Munay-Ki Rites of Enlightenment (Healer’s Rite)

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Land Journey to Sacred Places in and around Sedona

Starlight Fire Ceremony

Some services can take place at sacred places in Sedona to take advantage of the powerful energies.






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