Sedona Day Tour – Special Offer

Sedona Day Tours


Sedona Spiritual Experience – April – October, 2012

This is an excellent value – Private Time – You and your friends and/or family only.  Every journey is personalized.


Land Journey – Visit two power spots or sacred places in Sedona where you will connect deeply.

Life Reading – Next steps, clarity and purpose – where you are now and where you are going.  Options and opportunities.

Chakra Clearing & Balancing  – You will learn how to do this so you can use this  process  at any time.

Spiritual Archaeology – Basic skills to support you to access the healing, transformation and wisdom of power places.  These skills can be applied to all areas of life.

 And choose from:

Intro to shamanism:   Meet your guides and power animal(s) – learn how to work with them and acquire their assistance.             Medicine Bag – Receive a beautiful leather medicine bag and learn how medicine people use it to change, heal and transform areas of life.


Personal Healing & Clarity 

We focus the journey on your questions and intentions:  Healing, Clarity, Career Change, Relationship, Life Purpose, Deepen Spiritual Connection–whatever you have in mind.

3.5 Hours 

2 People ……………….$280.00

Each Additional Person:  $80.00

All participants receive all services.

These are private tours.  Book in Advance – We only take out one tour a day!  or call  928-274-2265