PERU 2013


XXXSpiritual Archaeology Travel to Peru -2013

August 21-31


Enjoy a few highlights from the upcoming 2013 journey to Peru. Dates:  August 21-31.

11 Day Journey to  Machu Picchu and the ceremonial sites, altars and temples of Cuzco and the

Sacred Valley of the Incas AND visit with the Peruvian people in the culture of a  mountain village.



We take you to Machu Picchu, where you can discover the mysteries that have drawn you there.




Included in your journey:

Silver – Gold – Platinum accomodations – your choice
Ground transportation in air-conditioned vehicles
Spiritual Archaeology Basics – with Luminous
Visit a mountain community – experience their customs, creations and way of life
Shamans and Curenderos who perform ceremonies at sacred places
Meals – 2 per day
Vistadome Train to Machu Picchu with Lunch at the Orient Express Sanctuary Hotel
Entrance fees to all sites we visit                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We donate a portion of our proceeds to the Peruvian People through the Spiritual Archaeology Society
Celebrate 2013 in Peru among the indigenous people and the temples altars and ceremonial sites at Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and Cuzco.   The sites in Peru are wonderfully alive with ancient/future wisdom, offering transformation and healing energy.  As part of our journey, you will learn the basics of Spiritual Archaeology before visiting the sites, supporting you to receive what you came for: a deep connection, next steps, healing or expanded awareness.    The weather is delightful this time of year.
Pre-Journey Extension:  Easter Island August 13-19

                        Spiritual Archaeology in Mystical Peru with Luminous

Luminous 1

Luminous is the Founder and Director of the Spiritual Archaeology Society (501c3 non-profit),  a Spiritual Archaeologist, Author, Artist and Transformational Mentor.  Her 35 years of experience working with individuals and groups as an Intuitive, Healer and leader of journeys to sacred places provides a wealth of knowledge and experience  to draw from.  She is the author of SPIRITUAL ARCHAEOLOGY–Practical Shamanism at Sacred Places. If you have been called to visit Peru and want plenty of private time at the sites, some skills to help you connect deeply–all in an unhurried and intimate way, this is it.  We are “called” to sacred places and it is a learning to understand how to approach, visit
and receive what we came for.   A lifetime to travel and a few decades of guiding individuals and groups to sacred places inspired Luminous to create and share new thoughts and possibilities for the spiritual explorer.   Spiritual Archaeology is for everyone who has an interest in  traveling and connecting to sacred places.   Spiritual explorers are encouraged toward a more organic, natural and conscious approach to sacred places–something that traditional tourism does not offer. Our journeys are slow and easy, focused on supporting and  facilitating spiritual explorer to make a  personal  connection with the sites we visit.  We do not rush or visit at times of high tourist traffic and, once at  the sites, we spend the time needed.   The Spiritual Archaeologist looks into the  invisible but ever present aspects of a sacred places.   Information acquired may have personal, historical or spiritual applications.  This is the journey of a lifetime, offering you the experience you have always dreamed about in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

All Participants on our journeys receive a complimentary copy of the book.  Book may also be ordered directly from the author at:  



Spiritual Archaeology Basics Cultural Immersion – Visit and interact with villagers for two days. Caral:  The oldest known site in the Americas

Ceremonies with Peruvian Shamans at Sacred Places 

Note to our Travelers:

We know you have been called to visit Peru and we are committed to providing you with the best opportunity to realize the fruits of such a pilgrimage.  Our well planned and thoughtful journeys are personal in nature and we welcome people of all beliefs, faiths, and religious convictions to join us.  This is a private journey limited to our group, travelling together in private transport. We create a safe and supportive environment for each person to commune with the deepest part of themselves–with God, Goddess, All That Is, Earth, Divine, Eternal Divine Self. We believe your insight, wisdom and intuition afford the best resources to accomplish this. We have time in silence, time for meditation or contemplation and plenty of time for you to experience the sacred places in the way you are guided to do so.  You will never be rushed through a site.  We plan our visits for quiet and privacy and the least of the crowds. Local shamans, medicine people and guides join us to add elements of their cultural and spiritual knowledge to our experience.   If there are any ceremonies or rituals to be performed, we leave this to the native people to facilitate as they are the natural keepers of the sites and land.


Plan for your international flight from home to arrive in Lima early morning.  Your connecting flight to Cuzco should arrive prior to Noon.    Please speak to us before booking your flights and we will be happy to assist with your travel arrangements.

                                                                                 tequile-peruvian woman-island lake titicaca
                                                                                                       The journey begins….
You will not only see Peru–you will be Peru.  We are happy to present opportunities that commercial tours cannot and do not provide.  Plenty of time at each site for you to explore, a two day immersion in mountain village culture, meetings with curanderos and, of course, exploring and divining the meanings and stories of the sites on your own terms.  This is not a sightseeing tour.  We are limited to 20 guests.
We offer three pricing structures, based on the level of accommodations.   You will be pleased with any level you choose:
Platinum:  Specific to the five star hotels you choose.