Sedona FAQ



CLIMATE:  Sedona is located in high desert at 4,500 feet above sea level.  There are mountain, spires, buttes — fantastic and whimisical rock formations that capture the imagination.  The days are warm to hot depending upon the season, and things oool down at night – fifteen degrees or more.   It is always a good idea to dress in light layers, when the sun sets, temperatures change rapidly.

WATER:  Essential to carry and drink water throughout the day.  The desert climate is dry and hydration is imperative.  Not hydrating could mean cracking lips, or dehydration…not fun.

HIKING AND OUTDOORS:  For current conditions and rules on the Coconino National Forest see the website:

SNAKES, SCORPIONS AND SUCH:  Yes, they do live here….and, they are not that interested in you.