September 18-September 30, 2014

Integrative Archaeology Foundation Journey to Ancient Greece:

Exploring the Majestic Mountain Peaks and Sacred Caves with Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. and Luminous  Antonio

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Luminous Antonio and Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.

About the Presenters:

Luminous Antonio is the Founder/Director of the Integrative Archaeology Foundation (501 C-3) and an  Inter-dimensional Researcher of Sacred Places.  She is the author of Spiritual Archaeology: Practical Shamanism at Sacred Places and is currently working on books on Sacred Places and Hidden Histories.  Summer of 2013 initiates the film about Easter Island.  Luminous leads journeys to Sacred Places worldwide.

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D is professional astrologer and cross-cultural mythologist with a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology. For over a decade, Dennis has lead mystical educational tours to Greece, India and Egypt. He is the author of The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology. Dr. Harness is currently working on two new books….The Karmic Code and Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece. 

  •  Day 1: Thursday, September 18th – ATHENS Our journey begins in Athens, the city sacred to Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. We will gather in the early evening for an informal leisurely sunset stroll through the lofty heights of Acropolis. Then we descend into the colorful old city Plaka with its maze of shops to our garden restaurant to dine together at a local taverna with music and dancing.We will stay overnight in Athens. Meals – Dinner
  • Day 2: Friday, September 19th- DELPHI After breakfast, we board our motorcoach, stopping en route at the secluded Oracle of Amphiaros where pilgrims would sleep in the temple precincts and ask for a dream to help them recover from illness. We arrive in Delphi in the late afternoon, and stop first at the Temple of Athena Pronaia and then at the sacred waters of the Castallian Springs. Our hotel in this picturesque town is nestled against the imposing slopes of Parnassus situated above the River Pleistos. Overnight in Delphi. Meals B
  • Day 3: Saturday, September 20th – DELPHI – CORYCIAN CAVE In the morning we tour Delphi, the most important religious center of the ancient world, where for over 1000 years oracular priestesses would go into trance and give prophecies to those who requested spiritual guidance. We will pass by the Rock of the Sybil, the Temple of Apollo, the Theatre of Dionysus, and the magnificent treasuries. The site hosts a museum that has an exquisite collection of artifacts, including the bee hive shaped Omphalos. After lunch in Arahova, a small village known for its textiles and carpets, we shall proceed up the mountain by motorcoach, taxi, and foot to the Corycian Cave, the original site of Gaea’s dream oracle. Here the Maenads held torch lit celebrations during the winter months on the nearby slopes in honor of Dionysus. On-site teaching on the mysteries associated with the cave and overnight in Delphi. Meals B
  • Day 4: Sunday, September 21st – ELEUSIS – TRIKALA CORINTHIAS After breakfast, we depart Delphi and make our way to Southern Greece, stopping along the way at Eleusis, the sacred site of Demeter and Persephone. We will visit the Kallichron Well where Demeter mourned the loss of her daughter; the Cave of Hades where legend has the descent of Persephone to the Underworld, the great Hall of the Telesterion in which the mysteries were revealed to the initiates, and the jewel of the museum housing much of the art excavated from this site.Late afternoon will bring us to the small mountain village of Trikala on Mt. Kyllene (Ziria), the second highest peak of the Peloponese. We overnight in the Ouranodromies Hotel where each traditional rustic room is named after a constellation. Meals B
  • Day 5: , Monday, September 22nd – MT KYLLENE – HERMES BIRTH CAVE This day of a journey into nature sojourn is devoted to exploring the Arcadian landscape that was sacred to Hermes. Accompanied by a local guide, we shall make our way through the forest pines to the birth cave of Hermes that is filled with huge pure white stalactites. In the afternoon we will enjoy the spectacular view from our lofty hotel conference room and have half day seminar and dream work. This will be followed by dinner and dancing at our most favorite family run restaurant in all of Greece. Meals B
  • Day 6: Tuesday, September 23rd -A morning flight takes us to the island of Crete, home of Europe’s earliest Minoan civilization. After we check into our hotel, we will have time to relax and swim. In the late afternoon, we will have a seminar introducing the myths, legends, art, and symbols of ancient Crete. Meals B
  • Day 7: Wednesday, September 24th – CRETEThe morning begins with a visit to the Cave of Eileithyia, dedicated to the goddess of childbirth, which has been continuously used since Neolithic times. This followed by a tour of the archaeological museum at Iraklion which houses treasures of jewelry, statuary, and frescos of the Minoan civilization. After lunch, we will visit the palace of Knossos where legend recounts of the fabulous exploits of King Minos, Queen Pasiphae, the Minotaur, Ariadne, Theseus, Icarus and Daedalus. Our guide today and tomorrow is a treasure unto himself, filled with knowledge and passion for his homeland and who surprises us with unexpected opportunities to connect with the people of Crete. Meals B
  • Day 8: Thursday, September 25th – CRETE Today our odyssey takes us across the verdant Lasithi Plateau to the deep mystical Diktean Cave, a cult center to the Mother Goddess where according to myth baby Zeus was concealed for protection.The second adventure of the day will be an ascent to the ancient Minoan peak sanctuary at the summit of Mount Karfi, where terracotta goddesses crowned with poppies and doves and arms raised in blessing were found.
    Today rare birds of prey can sometimes be seen circling above the ancient shrine. Meals B
  • Day 9: Friday, September 26th – MYKONOS
    Today we sail away across the Aegean, passing by the other Cycladic islands to our destination at Mykonos. Mykonos Town, a maze of narrow twisting streets, vaulted alleys, and flower decked shaded squares is filled with shops and restaurants, punctuated by the signature windmills, chapels and whitewashed cuboid houses. We will stay several kilometers out of town at a beachfront hotel at Platys Yialos, which is the point of departure for the small caiques sailing to the infamous Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, accessible only by boat. This island’s lively sophisticated nightlife with clubs and music is sure to see many of us Dionysian revelers partake of its pleasures under the mystical Moon. Overnight in Mykonos. Meals B
  • Day 10: Saturday, September 27th – MYKONOS – DELOS This morning we board a local ferry and make the 45-minute journey to the small island of Delos, the spiritual center of the Greek world. The entire island is an archaeological site, no one is allowed to stay overnight, and this is where myth has Leto giving birth to Apollo and Artemis. This site has sanctuaries to most of the Greek gods, as well as the Syrian and Egyptian gods. Our boat will return us in time for a late lunch and leisurely shopping in Mykonos Town or for soaking in the sun and sea waves of the Aegean. Overnight in Mykonos. Meals B
  • Day 11:Sunday, September 28th – MYKONOS We will gather together for a short seminar in the late morning for another dream group and to reflect and integrate the experiences of our journey. The rest of the day will be free and on your own, perhaps for an adventure to Paradise Beach.We will end the day with a farewell gala dinner on the sea amidst Greek music and dancing. Overnight in Mykonos. Meals B D
  • Day 12: Monday, September 29th, ATHENS
  • Day 13: Tuesday, September 30, Athens to Return Home Today We return to Athens, and have the afternoon open for optional on your own visits to the New Acropolis museum, the National Archaeological Museum, many other museums, the ruins of the Platonic Academy, or last minute shopping. Overnight in Athens for those concluding their journey Meals B

This itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.