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We are proud to announce the Spiritual Archaeology Society – currently applying for 501C-3 status.  This will allow us to support educational and travel programs, interactions with indigenous people and to support their communities and needs in the US and abroad.  

Currently, we are outlining a funding project for a mountain village in Peru who needs help getting water to their community.  This project will be given a specific name and details of how your donations will be used.  We are happy to interact with the people of this community on our visits to Peru–to bring travelers into their environment and culture.  As we get to know the people personally, we can determine how we can be of assistance more clearly.  

We are grateful to the people in the countries we visit for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy their sacred places, cities and culture. One of the highlights of our journeys is the donations we are able to make to local humanitarian causes.  Our journeys to foreign lands add so much to our lives, we are happy to reciprocate.  

Rather than donating funds to corporations to distribute, we prefer to find small, grassroots, local causes–places where we know the money will go directly to the people to fill their needs.  If you know of a cause that truly benefits the people, please let us know so we can consider including it.

Contact us at or call 928-274-2265 and we will be happy to discuss the current projects we are supporting.  We can allocate your funds to a specific project.

Additional projects we donate to are Jolanda’s amazing project in Cuzco, Peru.   Check out to learn more about this successful and far reaching project. is another favorite. Through this organization, we make micro loans to people who need funding to further their business and financial goals. These loans are repaid and we continue to re-loan the funds to Peruvians.’ receives donations from our groups, providing farm animals and other assistance.

Giving back to people in need in the countries we visit is our joy and pleasure.

Our donation today went to a community in Peru and will help with sustainability. The project seeks to turn the threat of El Niño into a major opportunity for families living in the dry forest. During the wet years, the project will replant trees, bushes and pastures, build grain storage sheds, and improve housing conditions to prote…ct against heavy rains. Communal wells will be improved and equipment will be provided to ensure the availability and quality of water in wet years and dry.The project will carry out extensive trainings. It will establish agroecology schools to train small-scale farmers, and help to develop local and regional organic product markets. Workshops will promote the importance of healthy households and seek to break certain unhealthy traditions, such as crowding family members in small spaces, cooking with smoky stoves and lack of adequate lighting in the home. The project will also provide improved cooking stoves, containers for wastes and translucent corrugated roofing panels.To protect the forest that is so central to livelihoods in the area, the project will implement the Communal Forest Management Plans in the 5 communities to conserve and sustainably use the forest. To improve forest that has deteriorated, reforestation campaigns will be held.See More
CURRENT MICRO LOANS made from proceeds of our May, 2011 group  at

A Few of our Recent Loans in Peru

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  • Cristina Lopez De Bances

    Food Stall
  • Maria Violeta Silva De Lopez

    Home Products Sales
  • Petronila Asalde De Sanchez

    Tourism – Peru

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    This year we will be adding to the causes we support — Including Mexico and the Hopi people in Arizona.
    Our new 501C3 – Spiritual Archaeology Society – will be a conduit for giving to less advantaged people and communities.