Luminous Ima Antonio

Luminous Ima Antonio has always had the ability to walk between the physical and spiritual worlds.  Psychic phenomena, including several near death experiences, levitation, stigmata, vast psychic and spiritual openings and incidents of spontaneous healing informed her directly and deeply of the limitless possibilities available to us.

Luminous is the founder and director of the Spiritual Archaeology Society, author of a series of authoritative books on Spiritual Archaeology, Sacred Places and Hidden Histories.  She is a lifelong inter-dimensional researcher, painter and poet of sacred places and invisible worlds. She is the founder of the X-Static Sound (1986) to research and further the uses of vibrational frequencies (Tibetan bowls, bells, crystal bowls) and voice harmonics.

She attended the New School for Social Research and Pratt in New York studying psychology, philosophy comparative religions and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with degrees in Painting and Performance/Video. She trained with Multi-dimensional Research and Expansion for three years and later initiated a two-year study on Past Life Regression.  Her visual and multimedia art speaks of inner worlds and unseen dimensions.

Since childhood, people have trusted luminous and spoken with her about their deepest dreams and concerns. It was a natural progression for her to find modalities through which she could be of service to more and more people. Luminous spent two years studying with Multidimensional Research and Expansion, participated in a two year project on past life regression, and continues to work with clients throughout the world.

After an experience of spontaneously channeling voice harmonics in 1985, Luminous founded the Temple of X-Static Sound to introduce this “language beyond language” to as many people as possible. She spent several years working with voice harmonics, Tibetan bowls, bells, crystal bowls and frequencies. Luminous worked with individuals and groups utilizing sonic resonance to shift perception, heighten awareness, eliminate pain, and re-calibrate the energy system and body. X-Static Sound is still utilized in her seminars and practice as a way to move beyond the constraints of consensus reality and the logical mind.

Luminous 02-13 jackie_klieger_-0632 - CopyThe transformational modalities Luminous has mastered over the past decades synthesize beautifully into the practice of Spiritual Archaeology. Her ability to articulate and transmit ancient and future wisdom connects us with our Full Potential Self, presenting a pathway to higher consciousness.  Since 1988, Luminous has conducted journeys to Sacred Places with individuals and groups.

During the past 20 years she has lived and thrived in the mystical beauty of Sedona, Arizona.  She is a world-renowned Transformational Consultant and successful Real Estate Broker.  Luminous has been a guide to sacred places for the past 22 years and offers Spiritual Archaeology Journeys in Sedona, Peru and other locations around the world. See the website for current information.

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ALTITUDE SICKNESS – from a Doctor in Peru The altitude of the cusco region is very high and drying and may be hard to adjust to for a variety of reasons.  Most problems begin with dehydration, which of course, starts on the long flight to Peru.  You can help yourself immensely BEFORE you leave home:  several days before your flight, start drinking LOTS of water and continue to do so on the airplane. ( the recommendation for women in the high altitude is 3 liters of water per day!)  I know that that means more trips to the bathroom, but it will help ensure a problem free trip in the Andes. The ultra violet radiation is EXTREMELY high, in the dangerous range, in all of Peru.  All school children now must user hats and long sleeves.  You should do that too. It is also advised that you wear sunglasses that protect from uv rays and use a high factor sunblock (which you can by here cheaply). The use of diomox is NOT recommended by Dr. Paul Olivera, the chief of emergency medicine at the hospital here in Cusco.  Diomox is a diuretic which of course, means that you will need to drink even more water.  People allergic to penicillin CANNOT take this medicine.  If you feel  you must take it, do so exactly as recommended, which means starting before you leave home.  The high altitude sites site studies that recommend the use of high doses of ginko, starting 3 days before going to altitude.  I have found this very helpful.  I took one 500 ml tablet twice a...

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Peru – rains close Inca Trail

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Heavy rains affect part of Inca Trail January 12, 2011 Heavy rains in Peru’s Cuzco region have caused a landslide on part of the Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu, state news agency Andina reported the regional director of Culture, Juan Julio Garcia, as saying. The incident occurred along the last leg of the trail close to the Wiñay Wayna ruin, the report said. “There are no reports of injuries,” Garcia said. Tourists that are currently on the Inca Trail have been diverted to the rail line at Km. 106, where they can continue on to Machu Picchu. Garcia is expecting a report on Tuesday evening outlining the degree of damage. Officials with the National Service for the Protection of Natural Areas (Sernanp) has said they will analyze the situation daily to determine if they keep the trail open or shut it down. The trail is normally closed in February for maintenance, he said. The other access route to Machu Picchu from Cuzco is by train. Almost a year ago, heavy rains caused flooding and mudslides that washed away parts of the railroad line to Aguas Calientes, the town located below Machu...

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Sedona Travel and Beyond…

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Sedona Travel and Beyond… Peru Vacation Journey to Mystical Peru Join us for the Journey of a Lifetime to Mystical Peru – visit the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cuzco; the Center of the Incan Empire. Experience Andean Rituals, Teachings and Ceremonies at sacred sites with shamans who carry the ancient lineage and traditions. May 1-11, 2011 and September 13-23, 2011 Are you thinking about joining us for the trip? Please leave me a comment...

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Elections in Peru

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Elections in Peru

Elections in Peru – being there just prior to election day I ran across thris large potato.  Later a bread (pan) and chicken (pollo) coca leaves, and other symbols candidates use to attract voters.  Since much of the population is illiterate, candidates gift them with bags of rice and remind them to vote for the potatoe, or pan or whatever their symbol is.  Interesting way to win an election.

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Life’s Great in Peru!

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We’re only a few days away from our journey to mystical Peru! Personally, I can’t wait. I’ve been there several times and each trip is simply magnificiant.

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Help With Altitude Sickness

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PRINTABLE VERSION   Peru? What about the Altitude??? A shortness of breath is the most common side effect of high altitude and this can be minimized by taking it easy the first couple days. The possibility of altitude sickness was my biggest hesitation in visiting Peru. I had what I believed to be altitude sickness in Mexico City twice, and would not want to repeat the experience. When I finally decided that Peru needed to be on my list of places to visit, I had to materialize a strategy and the best thing I could think of was the standard Diamox in that I got from my doctor. I did take the substance but I cannot say what practical use it had for me. I remember not feeling so great and I met someone there who told me not to take it, that it was, in fact, not recommended by any of the doctors in Peru. The woman I was speaking to told me that the athletes training for high altitudes use ginseng as a way to eliminate altitude sickness. High altitudes can cause symptoms like headache, nausea, weakness and trouble sleeping. None of these were too attractive to me and I certainly didn’t want to take the chance of being sick on my trip At higher altitudes the amount of oxygen mixed into the air is less. This drop in the amount of available oxygen can affect the heart, muscles, lungs and nervous system. It can affect anyone, even those in fantastic physical condition. After one to five days the body will begin to adjust and altitude sickness will subside. In Cuzco, I went out for a walk in the evening and immediately noticed that I would have to move more slowly. This was particularly interesting over the next few days as I adjusted to the altitude. I could walk a few blocks and then I might have to stop at a café or, sit down, or linger in a shop looking at the wonderful items – rather than walking. I was drinking plenty of water and I am sure that that helped. The only altitude experience I had was one of lack of oxygen and it slowed me down, everything went slower. The slowness was not a bad thing; in fact it was quite enjoyable. You simply will not be able to go at the same pace that you might be accustomed to. It was recommended to me never to drink alcohol at high altitude. On my last night there I made an executive decision to enjoy a glass of wine (something I do about 4-6 times a year) and it kept me up most of the night for lack of oxygen. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Just forget it. Everything I learned in Peru inspired me to go the route of herbal supplementation. There are herbs we can take to help prevent altitude sickness as well as to support the effects of less oxygen. As with all medical matters, consult your physician about the best approach for you. What I have to say is a recommendation to be discussed with your physician, naturopath or herbologist….after all; even though it was not ideal for me, diamox or some other substance may be perfect for you....

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Portions of Journey Sales Donated to Local Causes

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That’s right! We donate a percentage of the revenue from our journeys to local causes at each of our Journey destinations. we are currently donating to Kiva.com, Heifer.org, Ninoshotel.com and other local area humanitarian projects in areas we visit.

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