Luminous Ima Antonio

Luminous Ima Antonio has always had the ability to walk between the physical and spiritual worlds.  Psychic phenomena, including several near death experiences, levitation, stigmata, vast psychic and spiritual openings and incidents of spontaneous healing informed her directly and deeply of the limitless possibilities available to us.

Luminous is the founder and director of the Spiritual Archaeology Society, author of a series of authoritative books on Spiritual Archaeology, Sacred Places and Hidden Histories.  She is a lifelong inter-dimensional researcher, painter and poet of sacred places and invisible worlds. She is the founder of the X-Static Sound (1986) to research and further the uses of vibrational frequencies (Tibetan bowls, bells, crystal bowls) and voice harmonics.

She attended the New School for Social Research and Pratt in New York studying psychology, philosophy comparative religions and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with degrees in Painting and Performance/Video. She trained with Multi-dimensional Research and Expansion for three years and later initiated a two-year study on Past Life Regression.  Her visual and multimedia art speaks of inner worlds and unseen dimensions.

Since childhood, people have trusted luminous and spoken with her about their deepest dreams and concerns. It was a natural progression for her to find modalities through which she could be of service to more and more people. Luminous spent two years studying with Multidimensional Research and Expansion, participated in a two year project on past life regression, and continues to work with clients throughout the world.

After an experience of spontaneously channeling voice harmonics in 1985, Luminous founded the Temple of X-Static Sound to introduce this “language beyond language” to as many people as possible. She spent several years working with voice harmonics, Tibetan bowls, bells, crystal bowls and frequencies. Luminous worked with individuals and groups utilizing sonic resonance to shift perception, heighten awareness, eliminate pain, and re-calibrate the energy system and body. X-Static Sound is still utilized in her seminars and practice as a way to move beyond the constraints of consensus reality and the logical mind.

Luminous 02-13 jackie_klieger_-0632 - CopyThe transformational modalities Luminous has mastered over the past decades synthesize beautifully into the practice of Spiritual Archaeology. Her ability to articulate and transmit ancient and future wisdom connects us with our Full Potential Self, presenting a pathway to higher consciousness.  Since 1988, Luminous has conducted journeys to Sacred Places with individuals and groups.

During the past 20 years she has lived and thrived in the mystical beauty of Sedona, Arizona.  She is a world-renowned Transformational Consultant and successful Real Estate Broker.  Luminous has been a guide to sacred places for the past 22 years and offers Spiritual Archaeology Journeys in Sedona, Peru and other locations around the world. See the website for current information.

lum_bookREVhiresSPIRITUAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Practical Shamanism at Sacred Places





Sedona desert flowers

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Beautiful, fragrant and blooming right now in Sedona. Penstamen,I believe.

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Here is an article with travel tips  that I found useful…if you are planning a trip, take a look. Don’t Make These 10 Common Itinerary Mistakes April 26, 2012 11:59 am by Caroline Costello A well-crafted itinerary is the cure for untold travel troubles. The right amount of pre-trip planning can save money, keep you safe, and—this one’s crucial—help you have the best time possible whether you’re going on a three-week cross-continent sojourn or spending a long weekend at the beach. A solid itinerary is the root of a stress-free trip, to put it simply. Want to be a master planner? Here are 10 itinerary mistakes you probably make—and how to avoid them. Don’t Bother with an Itinerary in the First Place It’s nearly impossible to travel without some kind of itinerary—they’re unavoidable. Your airline or hotel will probably email you a simple outline of your travel dates when you book; these work as a kind of bare-bones plan for the freewheeling traveler. The important part is to bring this information with you on the road, whether it’s printed out, stored on a device, or both. This is elementary stuff, but it’s crucial. Additionally, consider crafting a schedule of your day-to-day activities. The more complicated your travel plans, the more it makes sense to draw up a detailed program. If you’re hopping from city to city, an itinerary will help you choreograph travel time between destinations. Take note of local holidays, opening and closing times for attractions, train or bus schedules, hotel check-in and checkout times, and the like. Plan accordingly for a smoother, less stressful experience on your trip. Place a copy of your travel plans along with contact information in a prominent place inside any checked bags; if your bag gets delayed, this will make it easier for airline staff to forward your luggage to you. (Airline staff members sometimes open delayed bags when looking for contact information.) Traveling solo? For safety reasons, leave a copy of your itinerary with a loved one. Steer Clear of a Budget First and foremost, you need to create a trip budget. And then you need to follow it. Surreptitious costs, such as hidden fees, fluctuating exchange rates, taxes, tips, and more, can take a big, jagged bite out of your financials. And if you don’t put pen to paper or digits to keyboard to sketch out an estimation of travel expenses, you could end up completely caught off guard by accumulating expenses—or worse, unable to afford your trip. Become Fixated with an Exacting Budget Budgets are important, yes. But let’s not get too carried away. A blow-by-blow, itemized budget that has achieved deity status in your mind will only make things more difficult if you come upon any emergency expenses. Put aside some Murphy’s Law cash to deal with any unforeseen events, from flat tires to lost luggage. Be Overambitious You’ll only be in your destination for a limited stretch of time, so it can be tempting to pack in scads of activities with no regard for conventional human needs like sleep, leisurely meals, or the sanity of your travel companion. Remember to be realistic. Factor in plenty of time for local travel, check-ins, mealtime and, most importantly, connections between flights. We recommend allowing for at least an hour-long gap between...

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Solstice 2012 in Sedona Arizona

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Access powerful vortex and sacred place energies of Solstice 2012 in Sedona, Arizona. Learn Spiritual archaeology basics, travel to Hopi mesas, starlight fire ceremony, past life regression, massage, life reading, ceremonies. Fun and spiritual expansion in the red rocks. See itinerary click hereclick here

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Mexico 2012 journey – discount for early registration

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Spiritual archaeology in yucatan Mexico 2012. Discount of 250.00 per person for sign up and payment made by July 4, 2012. Inquire 928-274-2265 or portals@esedona.net href=”http://portalsoftranscendence.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/20120427-060949.jpg”>

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Mexico 2012 Journey

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Travel to Mayaland in Mexico’s Yucatan in December 2012 with Luminous 1, Spiritual Archaeologist, Author and Artist. Palenque, visit with Lancandon Maya, Tulum, Coba—days on the Caribbean Sea to set the tone for relaxation and fun. December 14-25, 2012. Limited to 10 special travelers. Book now. Information and bookings 928-274-2265.

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Sedona Day Tour – Special Offer

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Sedona Day Tour          SPECIAL OFFER Sedona Spiritual Experience – April – October, 2012 This is an excellent Sedona day tour value – Private Time – You and your friends and/or family only.  Every journey is personalized. INCLUDES: Land Journey – Visit two power spots or sacred places in Sedona where you will connect deeply. Life Reading – Next steps, clarity and purpose – where you are now and where you are going.  Options and opportunities. Chakra Clearing & Balancing  – You will learn how to do this so you can use this  process  at any time. Spiritual Archaeology – Basic skills to support you to access the healing, transformation and wisdom of power places.  These skills can be applied to all areas of life.  And choose from: Intro to shamanism: Meet your guides and power animal(s) – learn how to work with them and acquire their assistance.             Medicine Bag – Receive a beautiful leather medicine bag and learn how medicine people use it to change, heal and transform areas of life. or Personal Healing & Clarity We focus the journey on your questions and intentions:  Healing, Clarity, Career Change, Relationship, Life Purpose, Deepen Spiritual Connection–whatever you have in mind. 3.5 Hours 2 People ……………….$280.00 Each Additional Person:  $80.00 All participants receive all services. Book in Advance – We only take out one tour  a day! All participants receive all services. Portals@esedona.net  or call...

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Mexico 2012

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Mexico calls in 2012. We visit Palenque, the Lancandon Maya, and Tulum’s awe skin gateway…with many days on Caribbean sea of Rivera Maya… Don’t miss it! Learn more and book early!

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Sedona Private Retreats

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  Private retreats offer a time away, a time to focus on the self and be refreshed, renewed and revitalized.   During your retreat, you choose from a menu of services you feel will be most beneficial for you. Retreats can be structured for 2 or 3 days, upon request.   What follows is an example of services you might include in your retreat.   We are happy to recommend specific services that might benefit you.  We offer a free consultation to all our clients prior to their arrival.  This helps us refine our recommendations and offerings.       ONE DAY RETREAT – 8 Hours – Includes Lunch Retreats can include: Energy – Chakra – Balancing and Healing Choose any four  of these services to include for your retreat: Intuitive Reading Past Life Regression Medium – Talking to the Dead Spiritual Archaeology Basics Develop your Intuition Munay-Ki Rites of Enlightenment (Healer’s Rite) Shamanic Energy Medicine Land Journey to Sacred Places in and around Sedona Starlight Fire Ceremony Some services can take place at sacred places in Sedona to take advantage of the powerful energies.        ...

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Ollantaytambo in Peru

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Sacred Valley Peru Lands

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