Luminous Ima Antonio

Luminous Ima Antonio has always had the ability to walk between the physical and spiritual worlds.  Psychic phenomena, including several near death experiences, levitation, stigmata, vast psychic and spiritual openings and incidents of spontaneous healing informed her directly and deeply of the limitless possibilities available to us.

Luminous is the founder and director of the Spiritual Archaeology Society, author of a series of authoritative books on Spiritual Archaeology, Sacred Places and Hidden Histories.  She is a lifelong inter-dimensional researcher, painter and poet of sacred places and invisible worlds. She is the founder of the X-Static Sound (1986) to research and further the uses of vibrational frequencies (Tibetan bowls, bells, crystal bowls) and voice harmonics.

She attended the New School for Social Research and Pratt in New York studying psychology, philosophy comparative religions and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with degrees in Painting and Performance/Video. She trained with Multi-dimensional Research and Expansion for three years and later initiated a two-year study on Past Life Regression.  Her visual and multimedia art speaks of inner worlds and unseen dimensions.

Since childhood, people have trusted luminous and spoken with her about their deepest dreams and concerns. It was a natural progression for her to find modalities through which she could be of service to more and more people. Luminous spent two years studying with Multidimensional Research and Expansion, participated in a two year project on past life regression, and continues to work with clients throughout the world.

After an experience of spontaneously channeling voice harmonics in 1985, Luminous founded the Temple of X-Static Sound to introduce this “language beyond language” to as many people as possible. She spent several years working with voice harmonics, Tibetan bowls, bells, crystal bowls and frequencies. Luminous worked with individuals and groups utilizing sonic resonance to shift perception, heighten awareness, eliminate pain, and re-calibrate the energy system and body. X-Static Sound is still utilized in her seminars and practice as a way to move beyond the constraints of consensus reality and the logical mind.

Luminous 02-13 jackie_klieger_-0632 - CopyThe transformational modalities Luminous has mastered over the past decades synthesize beautifully into the practice of Spiritual Archaeology. Her ability to articulate and transmit ancient and future wisdom connects us with our Full Potential Self, presenting a pathway to higher consciousness.  Since 1988, Luminous has conducted journeys to Sacred Places with individuals and groups.

During the past 20 years she has lived and thrived in the mystical beauty of Sedona, Arizona.  She is a world-renowned Transformational Consultant and successful Real Estate Broker.  Luminous has been a guide to sacred places for the past 22 years and offers Spiritual Archaeology Journeys in Sedona, Peru and other locations around the world. See the website for current information.

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Greece – 2014

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Greece – 2014

GREECE TOUR – 2014 September 18-September 30, 2014 Integrative Archaeology Foundation Journey to Ancient Greece:  Exploring the Majestic Mountain Peaks and Sacred Caves with Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. and Luminous Ima Antonio Download more info on your trip to Greece here. Luminous Ima Antonio and Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. About the Presenters: Luminous Ima Antonio is the Founder/Director of the Integrative Archaeology Foundation (501 C-3) and an  Inter-dimensional Researcher of Sacred Places.  She is the author of Spiritual Archaeology: Practical Shamanism at Sacred Places and is currently working on books on Sacred Places and Hidden Histories.  Summer of 2013 initiates the film about Easter Island.  Luminous leads journeys to Sacred Places worldwide. Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D is professional astrologer and cross-cultural mythologist with a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology. For over a decade, Dennis has lead mystical educational tours to Greece, India and Egypt. He is the author of The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology. Dr. Harness is currently working on two new books….The Karmic Code and Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece.     Day 1: Thursday, September 18th – ATHENS Our journey begins in Athens, the city sacred to Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. We will gather in the early evening for an informal leisurely sunset stroll through the lofty heights of Acropolis. Then we descend into the colorful old city Plaka with its maze of shops to our garden restaurant to dine together at a local taverna with music and dancing.We will stay overnight in Athens. Meals – Dinner Day 2: Friday, September 19th- DELPHI After breakfast, we board our motorcoach, stopping en route at the secluded Oracle of Amphiaros where pilgrims would sleep in the temple precincts and ask for a dream to help them recover from illness. We arrive in Delphi in the late afternoon, and stop first at the Temple of Athena Pronaia and then at the sacred waters of the Castallian Springs. Our hotel in this picturesque town is nestled against the imposing slopes of Parnassus situated above the River Pleistos. Overnight in Delphi. Meals B Day 3: Saturday, September 20th – DELPHI – CORYCIAN CAVE In the morning we tour Delphi, the most important religious center of the ancient world, where for over 1000 years oracular priestesses would go into trance and give prophecies to those who requested spiritual guidance. We will pass by the Rock of the Sybil, the Temple of Apollo, the Theatre of Dionysus, and the magnificent treasuries. The site hosts a museum that has an exquisite collection of artifacts, including the bee hive shaped Omphalos. After lunch in Arahova, a small village known for its textiles and carpets, we shall proceed up the mountain by motorcoach, taxi, and foot to the Corycian Cave, the original site of Gaea’s dream oracle. Here the Maenads held torch lit celebrations during the winter months on the nearby slopes in honor of Dionysus. On-site teaching on the mysteries associated with the cave and overnight in Delphi. Meals B Day 4: Sunday, September 21st – ELEUSIS – TRIKALA CORINTHIAS After breakfast, we depart Delphi and make our way to Southern Greece, stopping along the way at Eleusis, the sacred site of Demeter and Persephone. We will visit the Kallichron Well where Demeter mourned the loss of her daughter; the Cave of Hades where legend has the descent of Persephone to the Underworld, the great Hall of the...

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Sacred Places and Practical Shamanism

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Sacred Places and Practical Shamanism

Shamanism is the integration of the physical and spiritual realms of existence and is based on the knowledge that all life is interconnected. My name is Luminous and I have spent my life working to define my experience and learn languages to express the world I see and live in.  Painting, performing, poetry and writing are among the ways I attempt to speak of the unspeakable, define the invisible, and illustrate what is possible. Although not a follower of teachers or teachings, others have appeared to let me know that they have walked a difficult path—one of being in the world and not of it.  Those born to walk between the worlds have a big learning curve that spirals far beyond the idea of fitting in. The shaman is a human bridge between the unseen realms of guiding spirits and this world; present time—Now.  Shamanic practice requires full presence in the Now, as you cannot be a bridge to a place you are not present in. Shamanism – painting by Luminous The terms shaman and shamanism are overused and improperly allocated to medicine people and other practitioners.  Specific shamanic practices are endlessly varied—originating from diverse cultures and belief systems.  Dressed in a variety of outfits, shamans are plentiful and questionable.  While one can study the practices of shamanism and evolve their sensitivity, there are other initiations that must occur and these cannot happen in a classroom or online.  If you choose to work with a shaman, ask about their background, lineage, training and experience.  Use your intuitive abilities and inner knowing to tune into the person and their depth of experience and value to you.  Do not become star struck—take the time to divine who you are dealing with and whether they have something to offer you. The word Shaman originated among the Siberian Tungus (Evenks) and literally means:  s/he who knows. Shamanism was practiced long before organized religion came into being.  As an earth based spiritual practice, shamanism cuts across all faiths and creeds and reaches into the depths of ancestral memory.  Some societies believe shamanic abilities are inherited and can only be passed from generation to generation.  Others believe shamans must be “called” to serve—apprenticing themselves to accomplished shamans. According to some, the shaman is naturally initiated. Being struck by lightning, a personal psychological crisis, a near death experience or a serious illness can initiate the shaman.  Almost certainly, there is a trauma involved.  This trauma shifts the consciousness—often requiring the shaman to leave the body, at least temporarily, in order to survive.  Once out of the body, the shaman begins to explore the invisible realms of existence.  Relationships may be formed, revelatory visions may occur—particularly visions defining the specific powers a person may have. Once the ability to leave the body and travel to other dimensions and speak with the spirit world is established, the shaman will be lead to each next step.  The teachings and skills come directly from the spirit world. Practical shamanism is the natural expression of your true self—your ancient heritage expressing in your now and future selves.  You have been conditioned to desensitize and disconnect in order to live in the world.  Freeing yourself from outside influences and the steady stream of incoming information—often fear based–is the first step in reclaiming your deep sensitivity and experiencing heightened states of...

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Sedona Sacred Tour

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One of our stops — inside a pueblo…vortex and power spots of the Sedona and Verde Valley offer many opportunities to connect with ancient future wisdom.

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Sedona desert blooms

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Sedona is blooming and being here is great. Plan a visit and enjoy the beauty.

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Sedona vortex

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Sedona vortex tours are conducted privately…away from the crowds and tailored to your focus. How do you want to work with the vortex energies! vortex 928-274-2265

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Sedona private tours

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Sedona private tours..you and the people you choose see and experience Sedona your way. Choose from a menu of options…. Traditional or spiritual. 20 years experience guiding in Sedona. Click here for website.click here

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Sedona day retreats

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Relax in the red rocks of Sedona with personal day retreats. You decide on metaphysical services, visit vortex and sacred sites and look at life in a new way. Http://www.portalsoftranscendence.com Portals@esedona.net or phone 928-273-2265.

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Sedona vortex sites

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Beautiful Oak Creek flows through Sedona where there are many sacred sites and power places to enjoy. Our tours and retreats take visitors to hidden vortex sites off the tourist track where we connect deeply with Sedona’s vortex energy for healing, wisdom and transformation. Sedona tours and Sedona vortex tours are like no others offered. You will connect...

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Shira la novia de las Rosas

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The cat is ever watchful. Always looking at what goes on around here… And she talks!

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Sedona vortex hike

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Hiking to different vortex sites presents an array of flowers popping up after that one rainy day we had last week. Perfect weather for exploring…especially in the morning.

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