My art is a reflection and record of my personal journey of embracing change, adventuring into the unknown, transforming the profane into the sacred, facilitating the invisible into form, giving voice to the unspeakable, with an eye toward the unknowable and re-membering. All this, I believe to be part of the human sojourn.

Art making, for me, is a living story or legend in the tradition of ancient hieroglyphs chiseled on stone walls and myths and prophecies. A sustained connection with nature and self is the core requirement for such a journey.

Art by Luminous

Who, if not the artist and the scribe, has made note of these diverse worlds we pass through, preparing the ground with possibilities for change, carrying the torch of hope and illuminating the caravan of dreams as it moves toward enlightened futures?

Elephant Art by Luminous - Breakthrough

Before beginning my formal education in painting, I was a dealer in arts and antiquities in New York specializing in 18th through 20th Century Fine Furniture, Paintings and Oriental Rugs.

My interest in history, psychology, philosophy, literature, archaeology, mythology, ancient teachings and traditions, religions, intuition and divination, futuristic vision, fun and pleasure, serve as a constant source of inspiration.

Art by Luminous

Ultimately, my paintings paint themselves, and I show up to facilitate the process. What I am able to capture on canvas or in words is a small glimmer of the immensity and complexity universes cast in their orbit.

Before arriving in Sedona in 1992, I lived in San Francisco and then Marin County, California. Having graduated the San Francisco Art Institute with a degree in both Painting and Performance/Video, I made a clear choice to live a simple life that would allow me to mature in my craft.

Leopard and Woman

In an effort to document the unseen and ancient/future worlds, I have used writing, painting, poetry, photography, multi-media performance art, psychic and healing arts, sculpture, movement, film and video as mediums to record, preserve and reflect the journey.

Since childhood, I have been very drawn to, and inspired by, Sacred Sites throughout the world. The energy and subtle transmissions of these places have informed my work and life.

Since 1972 my work has been shown in galleries and museums and I am represented in private collections. Anyone can enjoy my work, be inspired, relax, breathe and be healed.

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