Why Travel With Us


Spiritual Explorers are different than tourists–they want to delve deeply into the mysteries of sacred places–feeling and connecting with the sites rather than “sightseeing.”  

Our journeys offer a totally different way of visiting sacred places:

.  We share Spiritual Archaeology basics to support your personal quest and interests at the sites.  These tools will continue to be of value to you throughout your life.

.  We visit sites at times and locations away from the crowds, whenever possible.

.  Our pace is slow and easy.  You will always have all the time you need to explore a site.

.  There is no guide or leader telling you what is important for you to do and see.

.  We create an environment and experience of ease and grace with smooth transitions.

.  Take a look at some of the Testimonials of prior travelers.

.  Our lodgings are nurturing, comfortable and supportive.

.  We do not have “optional” portions of the journey that cost you more money to experience.

.  Freedom to explore on your own–at the sites and afterwards in the towns and cities we visit.

.  Think of this as your own journey where everything is taken care of for you.

.  When we go to a site, we often go in silence and always have ample time to spend as spiritual archeologists – that means finding our place at the site rather than being directed and told what to do.

. We support you to  trust that your intuition and personal wisdom is the best source of knowing for you.

.  You will never be rushed through a site–you will have ample time to hang out, write, take photos and simply receive the energy and information you came for.

.  We do not adopt or profess or put forth any  belief systems or “way” of being, experiencing, understanding or knowing.

.  We welcome and honor people of  all ages, religions, and belief systems.

.  We create environments and opportunities to assist you in connecting more deeply with your inner self and the divine – God, Goddess, All That Is.

.  Shamans and medicine people who join our groups for certain segments of our tours may share about their culture, beliefs and experiences. They are also available to answer questions from the group.