Spiritual Consultations

Luminous is a seasoned and articulate consultant who has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide. She brings to the session her clairvoyant skill, masterful healing abilities, expertise as a transformational therapist and shamanic practitioner. Luminous is able to identify the core of matters with precision and elegance. Her ability to assist in finding a way through, a next step or solution is astonishing. You will enjoy every moment.

Reasons clients book a session:

:: To see what they are unable to see
:: To be reminded of what they already know and be given a course of action
:: A desire to speak with someone who has passed from this life
:: Specific questions of a personal nature
:: Questions regarding relationships
:: Matters concerning career or business
:: Understanding one’s spiritual path
:: Matters of health and well being
:: Geographic move

How the session is structured:

If you have specific questions, we prefer you send those along in advance of the session, although this is not a requirement. Luminous will give you the history of your matter, how it is in present time, and the possible futures depending on the action you choose to take. During the session, you will receive clarity of your purpose and direction and inspiration.

Should your reading be “open” to whatever Luminous sees, you can expect clarification of your position in present time and what doors will be opening for you; what is coming toward you, what remains to be resolved.

In all cases, Luminous will give an overview and outline of the circumstances you face and clear, positive inspiring recommendations.


60-Minute Consultation

An in-depth look at you, your life, relationships, purpose and options.  During this session we have an opportunity to go deeper into the  aspects and situations in your life  that are calling out for change or clarity.  We can look into people in your life, locations you may be considering a move to, career changes, spiritual expansion, life purpose, health and well being–all with an eye toward your highest options.  $150.00

30-Minute Consultation

This timeframe is adequate to get to the core of your situation while providing clear and accurate information. Luminous will provide an overview and specifics, outlining steps to be taken. You can be the recipient of the information or prepare yourself with impeccable questions; either way you will receive perspective, guidance and clarity. $80.00

30-Minute Couples Consultation

This involves the two of you and illuminates the spiritual, emotional, mental and psychological aspects of your relationship. We look at the gifts each partner brings to the relationship, the lessons and learnings, and ultimately the healing brought about through the union.

Each partner will gain deeper insights about themselves and the other, while receiving acknowledgement for their contributions. A broader perspective is offered and possible futures will be revealed. The past is put into perspective and the road ahead is made clear.

Pre-engagement and pre-wedding consultations are also popular for couples. $95.00

15-Minute Consultation

If booking this consultation, you will be asked to send and brief overview of your situation and questions in advance. $45.00

As a follow-up to your consultation, Coaching Sessions are are offered to support, enhance and monitor any changes you decide you would like to institute.  Sessions are 30 Minutes, once a week for six weeks.  Pricing for the six week block of sessions is $440.00.