Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions

What a wonderful, relaxing and deeply insightful way to access the depths of your being.  Past Life Regressions can be done in person or over the phone and offers a wealth of experiences, deep self understanding and valuable insights.


Whether in person or over the phone, you must be in a place that is quiet, comfortable and promises no distractions.  All electronic equipment will be turned off (radios, TV’s, music, etc.) so that the area is silent and peaceful.   Wearing comfortable clothing, you will lie down and relax.  I recommend a blanket or warm covering, as sometimes you may feel cooler when we begin exploring.

The technique I will employ to help a client access past life memories is a mild hypnosis and here you will begin to learn to travel through time and space.  Mild hypnosis is a state where you are deeply relaxed and your powers of concentration are greatly enhanced. This is fun!   In this deeply relax mild hypnotic state, access to the subconscious is easily made available and the subconscious (or super conscious, as I like to call it), is not limited by the constraints of time, space or logic.

You are  always in total control of the past life regression.  You will be able to speak, and it is likely you will be quite absorbed in what you  are seeing, feeling and experiencing.  However, a client can also request to come out of the hypnotic state at any time during the past life regression if they are not comfortable with the process or what is happening.

Unraveling the mysteries and events of this lifetime is easily accomplished by connecting you to a significant past life – or sometimes more than one – which will illuminate the circumstances you find yourself in right now.  There may be a message, an experience, a lesson learned or an understanding that once brought into consciousness can initiate the difference you have been seeking.  It will be important to release any criticism, judgments, doubts or ego related projections as to the information that you will bring forward.   It will be important to enter into the experience with an open mind and a willingness to explore other states of consciousness and being.


Past Life Regression is an easy and gentle way to access the incredible psycho-spiritual realm of existence.  The limitless domain of the mind and the soul are not only fascinating, but deeply informative.

 A Past Life Regression can be used to explore the causes of events occurring in your life right now, the relationships you are involved in and how and where you connected with these people before.  You may explore talents and mastery you have achieved in past lives and bring that wisdom and information forward to be utilized in the Now.

Information about what is blocking your progress or achievement in this moment can also be found in past lives. If there is difficulty in your life currently expressing itself as illness, confusion, relationship challenges, lack of creativity, lack of personal power, achievement, self worth or self expression – the roots of these difficulties can be accessed and changed in the subconscious mind, providing a new and healed experience in the Now.

During a past life regression, there is a reprogramming of the subconscious mind and re-creation of past events so that a beneficial outcome can materialize – both in that past life,  this present life and in lives going forward.  Negative or unbeneficial experiences, beliefs, and ideas are changed to positive, rewarding moments.  We bring the new transformed and changed energy into this lifetime so that you can feel the beneficial effects of the change in your current life situation.

At the completion of a session, a client often feels uplifted and enjoys new sense of self and clarity of mind.   The way people, places, things, ideas, beliefs and conditioning are viewed and treated may shift.   Emotional, mental and spiritual well being may shift as well, and old fears and illnesses may vanish.


It is always beneficial to have an intention.  You subconscious will know exactly where to go to find the information needed.  However, I have found that one of the magic things about this wonderful process is that we always get to where we need to go, see what we need to see, and come back with exactly what we need.

Prior to beginning the regression, we have a consultation to assist in finding focus and intention.

If you have a specific purpose or focus for the session you can expect to receive specific information.


Before beginning the session, we will be in a dialogue together about your goals and intentions, expectations, desires, and the general parameters of the session to come.

Plan on 1.5 hours.  This gives us adequate time to visit more than one life if necessary and to do the integration and healing work necessary.

After the session is complete will be spending some time reviewing what has happened and working with the information in a way that is beneficial to you.

1.5 Hour Session:  $170.00