Your Peru Journey

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valle sagrado-sacred valley peru-moray

Sacred Valley

machu picchu-journey to crystal city of machu picchu-connecting at machu picchu

cuzco main square-cuzco holy week



Explore at your leisure–the magnificent mountaintop city of Machu Picchu and the temples, altars and ceremonial sites of Cuzco and the Sacred Valley.  Imagine yourself enjoying the beauty of the lush and fruitful Sacred Valley (Valle Sagrado) with its rolling hills and profusion of colors and textures. See yourself stepping into the ancient world and following the footsteps of the Inca and Pre-Inca civilizations.  Feast on the charming colonial architecture of Cuzco, its stunning cathedrals, varied restaurants, interesting shops.  Some of our journeys visit Puno, Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands, Sillustanti and the Doorway of Amaru Meru.



The Incas believed Cuzco was the navel or center of the universe.  Today, it is believed the main energy center of the planet (know as Kundalini) runs through the Andes Mountains crossing at Machu Picchu and pouring down in the Sacred Valley.  There is something very special about Peru that calls many more people every year to visit.  Many people who make the journey to Peru report feeling revitalized, healed, restored, and in a state of greater clarity.


With over 24 years of success and fun guiding people to sacred sites and power places around the world, we know how to make sure you feel cared for from the minute you arrive.  This is not a sightseeing trip–instead we take the time to absorb the healing and transformational powers of the places and people we visit.  You will touch and feel Peru and the people we meet along the way.   We know the territory and the best ways to visit – the quiet times at the sites.

What to expect

We create an environment and experience of ease and grace with smooth transitions. Our lodgings are nurturing, comfortable and supportive. When we go to a site, we often go in silence and always have ample time to spend as spiritual archaeologists – that means finding our place at the site rather than being directed and told what to do. We trust that your intuition and personal wisdom is the best source of information for you. We guide you to make connections with the earth and the site – to better enjoy. You will never be rushed through a site, you will have ample time to hang out, write, take photos and simply receive the energy and information you came for.


We do not adopt or profess or put forth any belief system or “way” of being, experiencing, systems, understanding or knowing. We create environments and opportunities to assist you in connecting more deeply with your inner self and Source.

Shamans, medicine people and guides who join our groups for certain segments of our tours may share about their culture, beliefs and experiences. They are also available to answer questions from the group.

Our small groups allow for intimacy and privacy.   Peru, its people and culture has inspired Luminous to spend extended periods of time in the country,  interacting with the people and learning about their customs and culture (3 months in 2011).    We have many excellent service providers to draw from, and only choose the best.


Those who travel with us come from every age group, religious, spiritual, national and ethnic background.  Our learning and perspective is enhanced by the diversity of our travelers.


The Spiritual Explorer is often “called” to visit a site.  What is that calling about?  What does a site have to reveal to you, personally? Have you been there before?  Are there ancestors present at the site to contact or be contacted by?  What clarity or next steps would you like to receive?

Spiritual Explorers want the tools and the time to find the answers the sites have to offer.  This is a life-changing journey.


Spiritual Archaeology training is provided at the beginning of our journeys in Peru.  This basic training gives you the tools to access the mysteries and wisdom of the sacred places and archaeological sites we visit during our time in Peru.  You will valuable learn skills that assist you to go deeper in any life situation you might encounter and gain the confidence to use them.  Your intuition will be developed on whole new levels and you will receive a certificate upon completion of the cours.


We believe in giving back to the Peruvian people and a portion of our proceeds is donated to causes and people in Peru.  In 2012, the Spiritual Archaeology Society – a non profit corporation – was formed to be able to bring awareness to causes in the countries we visit and to provide support.


Eco-tourism is most easily understood as responsible tourism. Portals of Transcendence through the pursuit of Spiritual Archaeology embraces eco-friendly practices and is aligned in the following ways:

  1. We visit natural, fragile, pristine areas and protected areas, archaeological sites, cultural heritages sites.
  2. Our visits are done on a small scale and are structured for low impact as an alternative to commercial tourism.
  3. Travelers are educated about the environmental sustainability and become familiar with the delicate environments they visit.
  4. Personal Growth is the focus of the journey.
  5. Spiritual Archaeologists are aware of the impact of human beings on the environment and have a great appreciation for our natural habitats.
  6. Respects local cultures and indigenous people and honors them as the primary stewards of their land and monuments.
  7. Does not override or overlay traditions, ceremonies, rituals and customs practiced and maintained by local people.
  8. Provides direct financial benefits for conservation and/or to benefit local people or causes in the locations visited.




Our journeys offer the ultimate in easy, graceful transitions nestled in a comfortable rhythm.  Wonderful people travel with us, and a diverse array of presenters and guides join us.  Forget everything you have read and heard about Peru – this is your journey – allow Peru to reveal itself to you.  Small groups of 10-25 people travel together in modern air-conditioned vans, busses and trains.  Explore the markets, mountaintops, ceremonial sites and the temples of this fabled land in a leisurely, unhurried manner.  We support you to find your power places at the sites rather than telling you what to do or where to go.  Our journeys are a passageway or channel taking you to the next octave of your life experience.   We go slowly and have plenty of time to explore and relax at each of the sites. Write, meditate, pray, take photographs, listen, touch, use your insight or intuition or simply breathe with the earth (Pachamama).


Temple at Ollantaytambo

We rest, we learn (Spiritual Archaeology), we go visit the sites.  We know each person has a unique purpose for choosing to visit  Peru.   Our Spiritual Archaeology training – that happens on-site – gives you the tools to tap into the healing, wisdom and transformation power of sacred places.  We are enriched by the culture and customs of the Peruvian people.

We connect with the land and the people–Peru becomes a part of the fabric of our lives.


Chincero Market

Click here to see our current journeys to Peru.  We choose the times of year when the climate is luscious and we can thoroughly enjoy the outdoors.

We also customize (traditional or spiritual) journeys for organizations, groups, individuals and practitioners. who have groups or a network  of their own.