Tour Leaders

Luminous 1 is a seasoned international mystical guide, leading individuals and groups since 1997.  She has been drawn to ancient sacred sites, studied and visited them all her life. She is known for her masterful, innovative and fun approach to ancient/future wisdom.   

In 1985 she founded the Temple of X-Static Sound.  Tibetan Bowls, Bells and Voice Harmonics are used to facilitate deep healing, meditation, and multi-dimensional rewiring of the energy body.  Sound is used at the sacred sites to create a sonic resonant field for the groups.  This assists us in connecting deeply with the original purpose and intent of the site.  The sound also accelerates the connections we personally are there to experience, and the remembrances and messages we travel to receive.

Her forthcoming book, PORTALS OF TRANSCENDENCE, a spiritual guide to tapping the wisdom, healing and transformative powers of Sacred Sites reveals the keys to accessing the magic of these mystical places. Luminous has painted over 400 paintings, some of sacred sites.  Her photographs of sacred sites and some of the paintings will appear in the book. 

Luminous is based in Sedona, Arizona and works as a Master Healing Facilitator and Transformational Therapist.  Her practice is based in indigenous and shamanic traditions.  She also offers private spiritual tours of the Sedona area.

Other Guides for this journey will be included at a later date.