Sedona Private Retreat II


Choosing to visit Sedona can be a time for:

deep contemplation

gaining clarity about  life changes



………….a time to receiving healing or next steps, or simply a time for total enjoyment.


Luminous has worked closely with visitors to Sedona over the last 20 years to gain the insights and clarity that will support the changes in their lives.

Choose from a menu of options,  personalized for what you want to experience and realize from  your journey to Sedona.   Private retreats are a co-creation.  Here are some examples of the services you might like to include:

Clairvoyant Reading                                                                                      

Tarot Reading                                                                                        

Life Reading   Mediumship (talking to the invisible world)                                                            

Spiritual Archaeology (development of your intuition and ESP abilities)                                  

Past Life Regressions                                                                                    

Future Life Progressions                                                                                  

 Introduction to Shamanism                                                                                

Meet your Spirit Guides                                                                                  

Meet your Totem Animals                                                                                  

Operating from Full Potential Self                                                                        

Visit Secret Vortex and Power Sites                                                                      

Visit Sacred Places                                                                                      

Visit Hopi Mesas                                                                                        

Vibrational Medicine and Healing

We can take care of everything for you from the time you arrive at the airport – or make your own arrangements and meet with us for some hours during the day to pursue your journey.

Call for a free personal consultation and to determine what might work best for you during your stay in Sedona.  We can discuss your situation, offer options and work out details if you decide this journey is for you.

928-274-2265 or